Vegetable & Grain Show

This is a great opportunity to show off your gardening handy work by entering your prized vegetables, fruits and grains. Everyone may enter as there are three sections with 43 classes: Section I is open to all ages, Section II is for ages 18 and younger and Section III for ages 12 and younger. Ribbons and cash prizes are awarded to winners for first, second and third place ranging from $2 to $5. The Ivan & Betty Davis Memorial for largest pumpkin offers $50 in awards. Special awards for the person with the most blue ribbons in each section are presented.

Entry criteria, classes and entry procedures are on the Premium List. Remember: all entries should be clean and blemish free, grown by the exhibitor and labeled correctly. Display of entry counts. Bring items with your completed entry form to the Ladies Fair building between the hours of 2 and 7 pm on Friday.

Prizes winning entries are sold via silent auction. Additional details are posted in the display area.

• Bidding will begin at 9 am on Saturday
• Bidding will end at 1 pm on Sunday
• Winning bids will be determined at 1 pm and must be paid and picked up by 2 pm.

All proceeds will go to the Big Rock Plowing Match Association.

We thank Dale and Cindy Dean for the many years they volunteered to organize the Vegetable & Grain Show and welcome our new coordinators, Donna Kimpan and Nan Long.

Vegetable and Grain Show Premium Sheet can be found here.
Download the entry form here.

Questions? Contact Donna Kimpan at 815-286-7228 or Nan Long at 815-286-7275.