Round Bale Roll-off

Saturday, September 14,  4:00 pm

Come one, come all and test your strength and skill at the Round Bale Roll-Off. This old-fashioned contest tests teams of three trying to roll a 1,200-pound bale of straw several feet across a finish line. Two teammates push the bale while the third tries to stay on top. If the person on top falls off, the bale must stop while that person is helped back on top by his teammates. The first team across the finish line wins.

Winners will be judged on a time basis. Prizes and ribbons will be awarded for first through third place.

Two age groups:

• Boys and girls ages 13 to 18
• Men and women ages 19 and above

Registration fee is $15 per team.

Registration begins at 3:30 pm with the contest beginning at 4:00 pm in the cattle corral.
Registration forms will be available at the Big Rock Post Office or at the schools.

Round Bale Roll-off flyer

For more information email Lynne Paver at