Plowing Competition

The plowing competition allows plowmen to show their ability to make the straightest and cleanest furrow, covering the trash and stubble for an eye-pleasing job. Due to the small acreage that is available for today’s plowing competition, two bottom plows are used for the event. Tractors with rubber wheels are usually run on Saturday for the different classes. Tractors with steel wheels or rubber wheels are used on Sunday. Novelty tractors have a class of their own. This group does not compete for the scoring of points. Horse and mule classes are still listed, but there are so few horsed in the area that are trained to pull a two bottom plow that they don’t compete every year. For many years the plowing competition has taken place across the road from Plowman’s Park on the land owned by Marvel Davis.


25 points…Low back furrows distinct (back to be slightly crowning and all trash covered)

25 points…Furrows of uniform depth and width, showing slight ridge and distinct from end to end)

25 points…Line of furrow

15 points…Covering of trash

10 points…General neatness of the whole and appearance of ends

Total possible points: 100 (perfect)

• All plowmen using 16-inch plows must plow not less than 14 inches.
• All plowmen using 14-inch plows must plow not less than 12 inches.
• All plowmen using 12-inch plows must plow not less than 10 inches.
• All plowmen will be scored back for not finishing the land by the specified finish time – 4 points of each foot in width, and 4 points for each inch less than the minimum depth of 5 inches or for each inch in excess of the maximum depth of 7 inches.
• All plowmen must plow 5 inches but not more than 7 inches deep.
• All plowmen must make 7 rounds.
• No assistance to any plowmen after the first round.
• All plowmen must leave the field at a designated time to finish, unless granted more time by field committee for some reasonable cause.


9:00a.m. sharp
9:30a.m. START
12:30p.m. finish
3:30p.m. Trophy Presentation

10:30a.m. sharp
12:00 noon START
3:00p.m. finish
4:30p.m. Trophy Presentation


• Boys and Girls 15 and Under Class
• Boys and Girls 19 and Under Class
• Farmers Open Class
• Prizewinners Class–(Plowmen who have taken two first places in the
• Farmers Class compete in this class).
• Expert Plowmen’s Class–(Plowmen who have won first place two successive years in the Prizewinners Class must compete in this class).
• Horse or Mule Class
• Novelty Class–(Judged on unit only, plowing does not enter in judging. P• lowmen in this class are not required to make 7 complete rounds.


• Antique Rubber Class–tractors made before 1939
• Antique Steel Class-tractors made before 1939
• Novelty Class–judged on unit only, plowing does not enter in judging. Plowmen in this class are not required to make 7 rounds


Given to the plowmen with the highest score during the Plowing Match, except those entered in the Expert Class