Partners & Sponsors


Big Rock Interiors
Big Rock Prayer Alliance
BMC Insurance Agency
Ann Breon
Rhett & Becky Byington
Central Machinery Movers
D & H Ag The Country Store
Christine Davis – Loren Davis
Jane Davis & Judy Davis
Dunlap Family
Fitzgerald’s Electrical
Contracting, Inc.
Glenn Fuchs – Conserv FS
Griswold Auctioneering
Hanacek Family
Nick Hankes – In memory of
Ray & Shirley Hankes
Pam Harvey
Hinckley Floral, Inc.
Hintzsche Fertilizer, Inc.
Hollembeak Construction, Inc.
J & L Stable
James & Mary Kidd
Label-Tek, Inc.
Kline-Wedeen Family
Earl Marshall Family
Meyer Family Golf Hughes Creek
Golf Course
Process Dynamics
Queen Vistine
Rick, Cara & Tyler Rausch
Jerry & Betty Ann Rich
Rick’s Remodeling
Brad & Joan Scott
Leon & Arlene Straus
Sunset Knoll Riding Academy
G.W. Thomas Family, Hosts of
First Plowing Match
Tres Chic Salon
Warchol Family
Austin's Violin Shop
Bickford Electric
Big Rock Park District
Burgess Tractor Service
Carl’s Oil Company
Jeff & Sandy Carr
Dairy Joy Drive In
DeKane Equipment Corporation
Ed Evans
Executive Affiliates
Gum Trucking
Kimpan Family
Long Farms-John & Nan Long
Dr. Michael Maroscia, DDS
Needham Shop
Nelson Funeral Homes
Richard Phillips
Ray Vac Plastic Decorators, Inc.
Schollmeyer Landscaping, Inc.
Shala Farms-Paver Family
Welch Creek Farms-McKenzie Family
Ruth Brigel
Resource Bank
Erika & David Simono
Les & Sandy Granart
Rich Harvest Farms
Schoger Family
Big Rock Lions Club
Healy Chapel
Rayman Family
Scott & Son Cattle, Inc.
LaKone Company
Memorial from the Lois Morris Estate
In-Kind Supporters
We express our sincere gratitude to all the individuals, businesses and companies that have provided expertise
and services in support of the Plowing Match, Wine Tasting under the Oaks Festival and Plowman’s Park.
George Alexander
Allegra, Aurora
Almburg Auctioneering
Aurora Area Convention &
Visitors Bureau
Bickford Electric
Big Rock Township Highway
Gary Blankenship
Nathan Carr
DeKane Equipment Corporation
Hinckley Big Rock High School
Ag Construction Class
KZ Photography
Lyrka Lawler
Sandy Marshall
O’Donnell Trucking
Plano Lumber
Sign FX
As of September 7, 2013. If you notice any omissions or inaccuracies, please bring them to our attention by
contacting Denise at 630-556-4771 or
All donations are greatly appreciated and will certainly lead to the continued success of the Plowing Match
and the work of the Association. Thank you so much. Big Rock Plowing Match Association

Be part of the tradition at the 120th Plowing Match by having your family name or business included in the 2014 issue of Big Rock Plowing Match Times. We invite families and businesses to join us. Questions? Want to explore all the possibilities? Contact Anita at (815) 286­‐7208 or at

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