Junior Fair

The Junior Fair Gives Young People the Opportunity to Showcase Their Talents

Junior Fair Premium Sheet can be found here.

Every year we hear comments from adults like: “I never would of thought of that”, “what talent”, “amazing”, “what a great photo”, “look at this, how pretty”, “how creative”, “wish I could taste those”, “I couldn’t do that”. These statements barely begin to describe the scope of talent and imagination that is exhibited in the Junior Fair Building. Make sure you stop by and take a look at what our area children have shaped, painted, drawn, built, baked, decorated, created or colored. You will be glad you took the time for a visit.

Whatever a young person chooses to make PLEASE REMEMBER: you do not have to live in Big Rock to participate in the Junior Fair. Each year we have entries from 15 different communities plus other states.

We are grateful for all who support this wonderful event for our young people.

Once again the Junior Fair has three Special Entries to showcase:

  • This year’s Special Craft Entry is “MAKE A SOCK PUPPET”. Grab a sock ~ it can be patterned, striped or plain ~ and let it help inspire you as you decorate it to look like an animal, a person, a space creature or whatever you can dream up.
  • This year’s Special Baking Entry calls for a 9×13 pan of “PEANUT BUTTER & JELLY BARS”. They are yummy! I had to try this recipe myself and I am so glad I did!
  • This year’s Special Art Entry is “MAKE A DIORAMA THAT ILLUSTRATES A BOOK”. Do you have a favorite book? A story that you really enjoyed? Turn a shoebox on its side and create a scene from that book. Use legos, drawings, action figures, miniatures, whatever you can think of to create your scene.


This year’s premium sheet boasts some changes:

  • The baked goods have been divided into two age groups: 3 to 8 years old and 9 to 14 years old.
  • More baking options have also been added: snickerdoodle cookies, peanut butter kiss cookies, decorated sugar cookies, bar cookies (your choice), yeast bread (okay to use a bread machine) and cake pops too!
  • New classes have been added in three age groups: make a dream catcher, origami art, a painted stone and a junk art robot.

As you look at this year’s premium sheet…..take a few minutes to recall the drawings and crafts that you have done at school; at scout meetings; at camp; at vacation Bible school; for the Sandwich, Kendall County or Kane County fairs or “just for fun” during the summer. Your entry does not need to be made just for the Junior Fair – it just needs to fit the requirements of the category it is entered in.

Whatever a young person chooses to make PLEASE REMEMBER: you do not have to live in Big Rock to participate in the Junior Fair. Last year we had entries from 18 different communities plus other states. And…we set a record with 580 entries!!!

Entries are accepted from 2pm until 7pm on Friday September 16th at the Junior Fair Building.


The Junior Fair Coordinators would like to congratulate our


Most blue ribbons 12-14 year olds: (tie) Hailey Pierson, Olivia Morris
Most blue ribbons 9-11 year olds: Jordan Sprecher
Most blue ribbons 6-8 year olds: (tie) Sienna Deacon, Sienna Culver
Most blue ribbons 3-5 year olds: (tie) Brooklyn Morel, Vivienne Deacon
Most points all categories: Olivia Morris
Most Entries ~            First Place: Ashley Leifheit
Second Place: (tie) Sienna Culver, Jordan Sprecher

Special Premium – Art

3-5 year olds – 1st Brielle Deacon, 2nd Vivienne Deacon, 3rd Emma Ziemba
6-8 year olds – 1st Anna Herrmann, 2nd Maddie Latch, 3rd Savannah McMurtrie
9-11 year olds – 1st Rachel Lapeyre, 2nd Liberty Pierson, 3rd Emma Lapeyre
12-14 year olds – 1st Hailey Pierson, 2nd Hailey Ruhl, 3rd Jillian Hanacek

Special Premium – Baking

First Place – Olivia Morris
Second Place – Andrea McCord

Special Premium – CRAFT

3-5 years old – 1st Andrew Herrmann, 2nd Ashley Leifheit, 3rd Travis Herrmann
6-8 years old – 1st Corbin Michael, 2nd  Caitlin Abner, 3nd Anna Herrmann
9-11 years old – 1st Lily Geltz, 2nd Jordan Sprecher, 3rd Kylee Hellebrand
12 – 14 years old – 1st Jacob Weissensel


The auction of the 1st and 2nd place-winning baked goods will take place at 1:00 PM on Saturday, September 17th. Our auctioneer will be offering 1st and 2nd place Junior Fair baking winners only so that you, grandparents or other supporters can have a chance to bid on their favorite baker’s entry.

2016 JUNIOR FAIR PREMIUM SHEETS are available on our here, at the Big Rock Post Office, at Dairy Joy in Hinckley or by calling Sandy at 630-556-3171.

If you have ANY QUESTIONS please call Donita at 630-556-9000, Sandy at 630-556-3171, Sara Magro at 630-335-6205, Keeley Morris at 630-546-8580 or Mary Rogerson at 630-330-0114.  We look forward to seeing you at the Junior Fair!